How to paint stained glass

Hello – we’re David Williams and Stephen Byrne:

David Williams (left) and Stephen Byrne

Our studio is called Williams & Byrne.

We design and paint stained glass for large projects like a set of 16 skylights of which you see 6 here:

6 stained glass skylights from set of 16

We also teach.

Students fly here from across the world e.g. Peru, the USA, South Africa, Canada, Norway and New Zealand. Also from Germany, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Taiwan, France and Kuwait.

Here are students who flew to us from Japan:

Students from Japan

But we’re in England – a long way from most of you.

Also, travelling is difficult now (2020).

That’s why we also teach online.

To learn about traditional stained glass painting, here are three steps you can take right now:


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When you want to know more about the brushes, tools and paints, this book we wrote will show you what to buy and where to find it.

The Glass Painter’s Method: Brushes, Paints & Tools
is for newcomers to this gorgeous craft.

Fact is, to paint stained glass, you need a lot less than people often think.

For instance, we do nearly all our traditional painting with just three brushes.

Yes, you read that right: three brushes.

This book tells you everything you need to know.

The Glass Painter's Method: brushes, paints and tools
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But that’s not all.

This book comes with 12 online videos which demonstrate the key techniques.

This means you see the brushes, paints and tools in action – you get proof these brushes, paints and tools will do the job you want them to.

Watch the trailer here.


Visit our blog – so many great articles and videos right here.

“Thanks for all your hard work to bring us this joy of painting on glass” (Vivienne R.)

We don’t say it’s an easy journey – you’ll have to work hard.

But it is exciting and rewarding.

And we’re here to help you learn the skills you want.

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The Glass Painter’s Method – You Can Work Magic